AC & Refrigerator services

World-class pool of our expert technicians, experienced refrigerator engineers and AC service professionals ensures you the cutting-edge air conditioner maintenance services . We are a reputable and affordable AC and refrigerator repair service provider in . Our residential and commercial customers get with the most satisfactory repair services at the most competitive prices. As a full service refrigerator and AC repair company, we offer a wide range of repair services on all types and all brands of refrigerator and ACs.

AC & Refrigenerator:Price-list

Particulars Charges/unit
Window AC Installation 600
Door Bell Shifting 150
Split AC installation 1500
Refrigerator Installation 400
Particulars Charges/unit
AC upto 1 Ton 2000
Per additional Ton 500
Refrigerator below 199 ltr 1200
200 ltr-299 ltr 1500
300 ltr-399 ltr 1800
400 ltr- 499 ltr 2200
Particulars Charges/unit
Windot AC wet Service 500
Window AC dry Service 400
Split AC wet Service 600
Split AC Dry Service 500
Refrigerator Service 200-1000
Particulars Charges/unit
Stablizer Fitting 250