Cleaning services

Cleanliness is next to godliness. We all grew old hearing this line everywhere around us. We remember cleanliness but forget who brings us this. Yes the one that plays prominent role in making our surroundings neat and clean is Home Cleaning. Whether it’s our residential space or corporate office all needs to be neat and clean. Now in this age of advancement when everyone is going online for needs and deeds you can find home Cleaning services too online.

Home Cleaning

Particulars Charges
Per Bathroom 300-500
Particulars Charges
Per Kitchen 500-1000
Particulars Charges/unit
3 Seater Sofa 200-300
5 Seater Sofa 300-350
> 5 Seater Sofa 350-500
Particulars Charges
Upto 80 Sq Ft 500
above 80 Sq Ft 500+ 3 Rs/sq ft
Particulars Charges
1 BHK 1250-1500
2 BHK 1500-2000
3 BHK 2000-2500
4 BHK 2500-3000