PEST Control Services

We have been offering services such as Termite Control, General Dis-infestations, Rodent Control, Mosquito Fogging, Insect control, Bed Bug Control, Honey Bee Removal, Herbal Pest Control, and Organic Pest Control etc. We have been serving various residential and businesses customers in Vaishali,Indirapuram, Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon and Faridabad. Our clients are into Healthcare, Restaurants, Retail Outlets, Hotels, Hospitals, Residential and societies etc. We offer various packages to our residential customers, we understand that every customer has unique requirement and provide individual AMC according to the requirement of our customers.

Pest & Control Services:Price-list

Particulars Charges/unit
2 BHK 750-1000
3 BHK 1000-1250
4 BHK 1250-1500
5 BHK 1500-1750
Particulars Charges
Total Area 2-4 / sq ft
Particulars Charges
Rodent or rat control 600-1000
Particulars Charges
Bed Bug Control 700-1200
Particulars Charges
Fogging 800-2000