Plumbing Services

At best Facilities Services we are strict to our norms and bring you the names of the most experienced and skilled plumbing services. There are many plumbing emergencies that you confront in your residential or commercial space like burst pipe, leaking sink, blocked drain, leaking taps and toilets, faucets leakage and many more others. To meet with these plights the aid you need the most is good Plumbing services, and we will provide you with that. Plumbing services is now a click away. You tell your needs to us and accordingly we will fix the most adequate option for you. Book A complaint and get assistance from Good Facilities Services.

Plumbing Services:Price-list

Particulars Installation Charges
Towel Rod/Ring Fixing 150
Cleaning of Nani Trap 200
Replacement of waste pipe 100
Jet Installation 300
P.V.C Connection washer change 100
Tap washer /Jumper 100
White Cement application Inspection to be done
Ball Cock Fixing 250
Mirror Fixing 2 ft. 200
Mirror Fixing 2ft to 5ft 350
Mirror Fixing 6ft to 9ft 600
Tap/ Faucet cleaning 100
Cleaning of Bottle Trap 200
Repairing closet bend leakage 600
Soap dish/dispenser/toilet paper Holder 100
Replacement of closet bend 200
Particulars Installation Charges
Wash Basin Removal 200
Wash Basin installation simple and regular 500
Wash Basin installation fancy 800
Jacuzzi Installation 2000
Jacuzzi Removal 1000
Jacuzzi Servicing 1200
Wall Mixer 500
Bathtub Installation 2300
Bathtub Removal 1500
Western Commode Single Siphon 700
Western Commode -Wall Hanging 2500
Western Commode Removal 500
Western Commode Cover Fitting 200
Shower 250
Particulars Installation Charges
Pipe Extention Inspection to be done
Rain water outlet Inspection to be done
Leakage Repair Inspection to be Done
Pipeline Fixing Inspection to be Done
Particulars Installation Charges
<= 500 liter 1000
500 lts-1000 lts 1300
1500 lts-2000 lts 1500
>2000 lts 3000
Additional Fittings Installation charges
PVC 3 inch 150
PVC 4 inch 150
GI 1/2 inch 150
GI 1/4 inch 150
PVC 3 inch 150
PVC 4 inch 150
GI 1 inch 200
GI 1 1/4 inch 200