Terms & Conditions

BEST SERVICES PROVIDER Services is a household solution provider company that works with a team of independent servicemen registered on its network. A serviceman is registered on our network only after he qualifies our quality parameters, and we regularly monitors the quality of the servicemen, BEST SERVICES PROVIDER Services does not take responsibility for the work done by the independent servicemen.


A Contract is BEST SERVICES PROVIDER agreement to perform all work specified for a fixed price as per official BEST SERVICES PROVIDER services website. Sharing of the complete work has be done on a basis of 70% and 30%. Minimum portion of 30% is taken by BEST SERVICES PROVIDER Services.

Things TO DO in client site:

  • At any case Vendor/Employee has no right to communicate with the Customer directly. They only need to follow the channel of BEST SERVICES PROVIDER Services, our representative will communicate further.
  • Vendor/His employee has no right to increase the price from the estimated quoted price by the Company.
  • Before starting the work, Vendor must intimate the BEST SERVICES PROVIDER Services representative and the customer if there is increase from the estimated cost.
  • Vendor must provide the bill to the Customer of any part, if he has purchased from his own.
  • On schedule complaint if the vendor failed to visit/or didn’t making in time, it was his sole responsibility to intimate the customer & the Company.


BEST SERVICES PROVIDER Services will calculate the cost of the work and vendor need to follow that. Negotiation and all other work will be done by BEST SERVICES PROVIDER Services.


Payment is due upon completion of work. And vendor can redeem it after a good sum of total. The meeting point would be decided by the Company, and Vendor/Merchant need to come down there.


Complaints will be scheduled by the company over a SMS or will call, if vendor accept the issue then it is his sole responsibility to visit that complaint.
If you arrive at the job site only to decide the estimate cost of the work and the owner is agree to pay for the expense of such a nonproductive trip i.e Mandatory Rs. 100 that will be taken by vendor.


  • The Company shall not be held liable or responsible for any damage or defect resulting from work done by the vendor. Vendor holds the complete responsibility for it.
  • Only verified nationalized documents owner will be send to the Customer’s house.
  • Anything wrong done by the vendor’s employees on the customer/client site is the sole responsibility of vendor. Company is not responsible for any wrong done by vendor or his employee at the client site.


Any Part changed by Vendor, holds the complete responsibility for that. The vendor/merchant will need to provide 3 Months warranty for the work done by him.


The Vendor is agrees to deposit a sum of 100 Rupees, to start getting business with the Company. Vendor/Merchant need provide any of the following documents for the KYC procedure of his complete employees who will be visiting at customer door on BEST SERVICES PROVIDER complaints:

Proof of address:
Proof of identity:
Passport Passport
PAN Card Driver’s License
Voter’s Identity Card Bank account / Credit Card statement
Driver’s License Electricity bill
Aadhaar Card Ration card


Vendor has no authority to promote his own business during BEST SERVICES PROVIDER complaint. If any of his executive shared his/own or Vendor’s number with the customer this contract can be terminated.


Without prejudice to any term and condition in this Agreement, you are entitled to terminate this Agreement. The Company is entitled to terminate this Agreement and delete your account and/or information from the Website with immediate effect and by written notice for the following reasons: If the Company has reason to believe that you are engaging in fraudulent practices;
ii. If the Company has reason to believe that you are engaging in activities that may incur criminal liability or investigation;
iii. If the Company has reason to believe that you are not providing any good or service in a professional manner or such delivery of good or service does not meet the reasonable expectations of any Consumer (including but not limited to you receiving consistently poor or bad service feedback on the Website/Social Media);
iv. For any other reasonable ground where the interests of the Company or any other third parties may be prejudiced or adversely affected.


The Company shall have the right, to change or add to the terms of its Agreement at any time, and to change, delete, discontinue, or impose conditions on any feature or aspect of Website and Services (including but not limited to Internet based services, pricing, SERVICES PROVIDER options, and other product- related policies) upon notice by any means the Company determines in its discretion to be reasonable, including posting information concerning any such change, addition, deletion, discontinuance or conditions in Website or on any Company sponsored web site.